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Survivor Thursdays

*The contest is now on hold until Sept 2022.

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You can win a HPIBET $100.00 deposit!

Rob Istead made 9 correct selections to take home the top prize of a $200 HPI account deposit in our special Charles Juravinski Memorial Cup May 22 Contest. Darcy List took home the top prize of a $100 HPI account deposit with 10 correct selections in the May 26 contest.

Thank you all for playing. The contest is now on pause until live racing resumes in September 2022.

How to Play:

  1. Choose a horse in races 1 (one) thru the final race on the Thursday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch).
  2. Submit your entries online BEFORE the start of Race 1- Post Time: 6:35PM  (unless otherwise noted).
  3. Your selected horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. If your selection does not finish in the top 3 (three) you will be eliminated from further play.The last contestant(s) alive will be the winner(s).
  4. There must be at least 3 correct picks for the winner(s) to be determined. If none of the entrants has 3 correct picks then the contest will be deemed to be closed with no winner.
  5. In the event there are more than five (5) winners, a draw will be conducted and 5 of the entries will be drawn and each awarded a prize of $20.00. The remaining entries (not drawn) will receive a Flamboro Downs T-shirt or similar type of prize.
  6. Entrant with the most consecutive winners will be ruled the winner of the Survivor contest.

*Full Rules and Regulations HERE

Note: A new hyperlink is posted here for each new contest. The link opens to a surveymonkey.com entry form.