Race Promotions at Flamboro Downs

OLG Slots at Flamboro Downs Entertainment March 2018
23-Mar Orangemen 9pm-12am
24-Mar Jerry At Ricks 9pm-12am
30-Mar Tribute to Elton John and Billy Joel with Elton Lammie 9pm-12am
31-Mar Patsy & The Muscle 9pm-12am

Survivor Thursdays
 Next contest: March 22, 2018.
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*Stephen Roberts was the winner of the March 8, 2018 contest with 10 correct selections.*

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You can win a HPIBET $100.00 deposit!

How to Play:

  1. Play online.
  2. Choose a horse in races 1 (one) thru the final race on the Thursday race program (plus an alternate in the event of a scratch).
  3. Submit your entries BEFORE the start of Race 1 (Post Time: 6:00pm).
  4. Your horse must finish in the top three to advance (Survive) to the next race. The last person(s) alive will be the winner.
  5. *There must be at least 3 correct picks for the winner(s) to be determined. If none of the entries has 3 correct picks then the contest will be deemed as closed and thus no winner.*
  6. *In the event there are more than five (5) winners, a draw will be conducted and 5 of the entries will be drawn and each awarded a prize of $20.00. The remaining entries (not drawn) will receive a Flamboro Downs T-shirt or a similar like prize.*

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(Please note: Must enter each week to qualify. A new contest hyperlink gets posted here every week. The link opens to a surveymonkey.com Survivor Contest entry form.)

Contest for March 22, 2018: Click HERE to enter (not open yet)